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Isn't it strange how that car expert down the pub or living round the corner is always the perfect mechanic or knows everything there is to know about the motor trade, and isn't it strange how that car expert is invariably in a job that is as far removed from the motor trade as it is possible to get!

Isn't it strange how someone who knows someone whose friends brothers uncle heard something, is the font of all knowledge to the ignorant. Chinese whispers are a dangerous thing, and invariably are started from bad information; you need a place where you will get honest advice, honest answers from local long established family business.

As a famous poet once put it:

You know a man from down the pub, an expert on all cars
Though what he does to earn his wage, is selling ladies bras
But still you think this man knows all, he has seen it and he has done it
If truth be told he would struggle just to open up a bonnet
Perhaps you try his mate whos good he said his name was Fred
He works down on the farm, a workshop like a shed
You could go to the Dealer and take out a nice loan
Then find a huge great list of jobs enough to make you moan
Then of course there is a place, in Burnham sixty years
Honest car technology, prepared to lend their ears
So next time you get talking to that one that knows it all
That expert like a broken spanner, a totally useless tool
Ignore him, and all that he says, and seek to find the truth
Go see the men who have known the job since being a mere youth
The competition envy them such history, skill and care
Providence Protech, Burnhams best, proud of being there.

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